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How Da3wa Works

  • create
    new invite

    Choose from our beautiful templates and customize your digital invitation to fit your event's theme and style.

  • share

    Provide all the necessary information about your event & invite, including date, time, venue, and any special instructions with uploading CSV file for your guests lists with your personal message.

  • Automated Invitations Sent 

    Da3wa takes care of sending personalized SMS and email invitations to your guests, with private links for a seamless experience.

  • Monitor
    RSVPs and Views 

    Keep track of your guest list with our easy-to-use dashboard, which shows RSVPs, views, and other essential information
    in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

In General
  • What is Da3wa?

    Da3wa is a digital invitation service that allows users to send elegant e-invitations for various events. It provides a range of templates that can be personalized to fit the event's theme and style.

  • How does Da3wa work?

    Users choose a template, provide all necessary event information, and Da3wa sends personalized SMS and email invitations to the guest list. Users can then monitor RSVPs and views in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • What are the main features of Da3wa?

    Da3wa's main features include automated SMS and email invitations, stunning web design for invites, real-time RSVP and views tracking, and a user-friendly dashboard for managing your event.

  • What are the pricing options for Da3wa?

    Da3wa offers three pricing tiers - Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Silver is priced at $8 per invite, Gold at $0.89 per guest, and Diamond at $825 per invite. Each tier offers different features and caters to different event sizes.

Creating an Invite
  • How can Da3wa enhance your wedding or event?

    Da3wa enhances your event by providing beautifully crafted and elegant digital invitations that reflect the unique style and theme of your event. It also offers real-time RSVP tracking and views, allowing you to manage and plan your event with ease and accuracy.

  • How can I contact Da3wa for any queries?

    You can contact Da3wa through phone at +971 56 372 6550 or email at hello@da3wa.online.

  • How can I create an invite?

    Currently, Da3wa is in Beta and invites can be requested from the forms on the homepage. We are working on creating a new seamless automated invite creation tool.

  • How can I track RSVPs and views?

    You can track RSVPs and views in real-time from your dashboard. You can also export the data to an Excel sheet for further analysis.

  • How can I send my invite?

    You can send your invite by adding your guest list and clicking on the Send button and then via WhatsApp or any 3rd party option. Da3wa will automatically send SMS and email invitations to your guests.

  • How can I manage my invite?

    You can manage your invite from your dashboard. You can track RSVPs and views, export data to an Excel sheet, and manage your guest list.