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Key Features

Personalize Your Invites

Craft elegant, tailor-made invitations effortlessly. Our platform offers diverse templates and design tools, making every invite as unique as your event.

Send Invites Anywhere

Reach your guests via SMS, Email, or WhatsApp with unparalleled ease. Our platform ensures your invitations land right where your guests prefer.

Track With Precision

Monitor RSVPs and views in real-time. Our intuitive dashboard provides the insights you need for flawless event planning and guest management.

Experience Da3wa in Action

Discover the elegance and simplicity of a sample wedding digital invitation 

Simple Steps for Elegant Event

Create New Event

Choose from our beautiful templates and customize your digital invitation to fit your event's theme and style.

Customize Your Template

After choosing the template, you can customize its content and look & feel

Send The Invites

We will take care of sending the personalized invites to each guest, via WhatsApp, Email, or SMS (based on your choice)

With Da3wa

Be Special With Your Invite

Create personalized invitations with your unique touches. Where elegance meets creativity to make every moment unforgettable.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Da3wa enhances your event by providing beautifully crafted and elegant digital invitations that reflect the unique style and theme of your event. It also offers real-time RSVP tracking and views, allowing you to manage and plan your event with ease and accuracy.

Currently, Da3wa is in Beta and invites can be requested from the forms on the homepage. We are working on creating a new seamless automated invite creation tool.

You can send your invite by adding your guest list and clicking on the Send button and then via WhatsApp or any 3rd party option. Da3wa will automatically send SMS and email invitations to your guests.


You can track RSVPs and views in real-time from your dashboard. You can also export the data to an Excel sheet for further analysis.

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